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Welcome to the HEADLAND High School Reunion Internet Site. This page, with associated links,is about
Headland High School of East Point, Georgia and its Highlanders. It is being provided to permit each and
every Headland alumni to communicate with and have access to addresses, phone numbers and e-mail
addresses of former class members. Your input and comments are welcome and we hope this site will
provide an easier way for us to keep up with others in the future.



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Headland Alumni are invited to join the Facebook group "Alumni of Headland High School,
East Point, GA". To see more details and confirm this group invitation, follow this link:
Headland Alumni

Send me your news or special announcements!

June 21, 2014 - Class of 1964 - our 50th class reunion

Communication: A Facebook page … Headland Highlanders 1964 Reunion
Please search for us, join, post photos from our years at Headland and share with
Highlanders via Email … headlandhighlanders1964reunion@gmail.com.
Please add this to your address book.

Our goal is a special but affordable event. The 2006 reunion fee was $64 and we hope
to stay within that range. We have a small account to get started.

It will be very helpful to our planning efforts to have some feedback from everyone, so
please respond to these questions:

- Do you plan to attend? How many might be in your party?
- What works best for you in terms of location, South Atlanta metro area? North Atlanta metro area?
Cumberland Mall area? Airport/Camp Creek area? other suggestions?
- What about a time frame? format? for our reunion.
- Would you need overnight accommodations near the event location?
- Do you have contacts/access to things that would help keep our costs affordable… such as liquor,
rentals, caterers, supplies, printing
services? ……. Please identify.
- Would you be willing to make a cash donation so that we can keep the registration costs affordable
for all our classmates?
- Want to become part of the reunion committee?

Please use our new email address to reply ..... headlandhighlanders1964reunion@gmail.com
PLEASE NOTE: Most all of our correspondence will be by email, so please keep us up-to-date
on your email address and all of your contact
information. Thanks.

The HHS class of 1974 will be holding their 40th reunion on July, 19, 2014 at the Airport-Renaissance Hotel - HHS class 0f '74 reunion. Contact Connie Prichard Aylor at connieaylor@yahoo.com or on facebook.

CLASS OF '65 - 65 Highlanders...we are planning our 50th and we're hoping to find everyone!! Please go to HHS1965Reunion@gmail.com and leave us your contact information. We are going to need a head count soon of attendees to decide on our location and lock it in for 2015!! Hope to hear from you soon!! Ann Moseley Conley


Here's a special web site for all you music lovers - great selections from
Music, Music, Music

Headland Forum Link To Delphi

Check out the East Point Historical Society site
Click here: EAST POINT

Dear Headland Alumni:

Please e-mail your e-mail addresses to Jack Brannon where I can update this convenient form of
communication and interaction for everyone. Send to jbrannon299@gmail.com

This site is being updated daily (mostly). Keep your information updated and watch for future announcements. Anyone planning a reunion or get together should let me know and I will post it here.


We are continuing to update list of all HHS Alumni - Please send any additions or changes to jbrannon299@gmail.com .

Brief History - What happened to OUR school?


Headland Faculty

Headland Class of '59

Headland Class of '60

Headland Class of '61

Headland Class of '62

Headland Class of '63

Headland Class of '64

Headland Class of '65

Headland Class of '66

Headland Class of '67

Headland Class of '68

Headland Class of '69

Headland Class of '70

Headland Class of '71

Headland Class of '72

Headland Class of '73

Headland Class of '74

Headland Class of '75

Headland Class of '76

Headland Class of '77

Headland Class of '78

Headland Class of '79

Headland Class of '80

Headland Class of '81

Headland Class of '82

Headland Class of '83

Headland Class of '84

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